‘Brunnera macrophylla’

‘Brunnera Macrophylla’ – Pencil on paper

I can’t remember the last time I used coloured pencil for a study. I think it’s something that requires practice, and I haven’t found time yet. However, feeling the need for a break from chemistry revision, I dug out the trusted set of coloured pencils and had a go. The strangest thing for me is getting used to putting highlights in first. It might seem obvious, but I’m so used to working with acrylic that I end up starting with dark first. Normally I work the dark into the light, and add highlights afterwards. So despite the obviousness of the light to dark method, I went straight on in and forgot about it. However, it seems to have turned out alright anyway.

This got me thinking about how  I’ve become set in my ways when it comes to the media used for my work. As art is purely a hobby for me, I never feel obliged to experiment, and so resort to the techniques I’ve known and developed. Maybe I should try something new?

In the mean time, I should be getting back to uni work, the final leg and all those cliches. It’s funny how you spend years learning information, and not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak. However when you get to the point of ‘seeing the forest’, you can no longer remember all the important information that makes up the trees. Maybe the next piece should be a forest,  a fitting metaphor? Probably a  bit too ‘artsy’ for my liking, I think I’ll stick to more obvious subject matter…


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