Portrait: Tom and Ewan

Portrait: Tom and Ewan

Here’s the second portrait in the ‘University’ series. For those who haven’t read the previous post, I basically wanted to put together a large piece consisting of portraits of everyone who has been part of ‘the university experience’ for me.

Ewan (left) and Tom (right) were both members of the university cycling club (DUCC) when I first joined, and both represent friendly faces in the club. The following year Ewan became president of DUCC, ruling the club with a not-so-iron fist. Tom graduated that year, and from what I can tell, spent a lot of time riding his bike.

I’m sad to say that Tom passed away in late 2009 from Leukaemia. This tragic, and unexpected turn of events had a massive effect on his close friends such as Ewan.  However I think everyone would like to remember Tom, and celebrate his life as the ever enthusiastic guy who could never fail to lift the spirits of those around him

Durham University cycling Club now rides with the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity logo on their jerseys as a mark of respect.

DUCC at the British Universities and Colleges mountain bike championships, 2008

It is worth noting that the orange stripy socks were worn for the whole race, and had a cameo appearance the following year too…


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