Art for me has always been something I have enjoyed as a way of relaxing . Whilst many a time I have cursed starting a painting, they are hollow insults as I’m soon engrossed again. I am a keen outdoors person and my hard drive is crammed with photos from various trips (taken with varying degrees of skill) waiting to be converted onto canvass. I am currently a PhD student in Durham University Chemistry department, which takes up the majority of my time. As someone who is interested in both art and science,  the work of artists like Escher, Wenner and many others who employ false perspective, were early influences. – As of yet I haven’t worked out how to best translate some of my work in that vein into photographs for the blog, so stay tuned! –

Until recently my work has resided in multiple folders stashed in various corners, having not seen the light of day since each piece was finished. However, after a few prompts I decided to create this blog, in the hope someone else will get enjoyment from my work. If you do wish to chat about anything, or have any comments, please get in contact.


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