Skye – an artist’s paradise

Yet again it has been too long since my last post, and whilst I hate to admit it, my paints have been gathering dust on a shelf for a while. I always find this time of year tends to add some direction and energy back into my art, mostly due to the influx of new material from summer travels. This year I was on Skye for a week, an island that cannot fail to spark artistic flair!


A sunny evening on Talisker bay

Another factor in prompting this post is in the dearth of amazing art galleries on Skye showcasing local talent in various creative arts. A particular mention goes to the Isle of Skye Baking Company, and the associated Skyeworks Gallery.


Cuillin from the summit of Bla Bhienn

And so my attention turns to the prospect of converting some of the memories and photographs captured on Skye into paint. Currently, three scenes stand out in my mind, all to be brought to life in acrylic (at least that’s the plan anyway…). All will feature some of the moody skies that brought days of rain whist I was there, and all will be in a similar style to my previous work – ‘Stormy Skies Over Seil’. For now, they are nothing more than scribbles on a page, but surely that’s how all great ideas start?!


Initial ideas, plus a few hieroglyphics!


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